Example applications


All of our example applications have the same structure:

├── usage_scenario.yml
├── Dockerfile
├── compose.yml
├── README.md
└── ...
  • usage_scenario.yml
  • Dockerfile is needed in order for you to reproducibly build the container that will be used later in the measurement.
  • compose.yml is used for development / demo purposes if you want see what the application does in your terminal / browser / desktop, or optionally included as a file in the usage_scenario.yml
  • is either a file, a folder or missing.
    • It contains supplemental files that are needed to build the Dockerfile and / or to make a bind-volume for the compose.yml be missing /will be a file / will be a folder.

Please check out our repository of example applications on GitHub

Demoing the example application (optional)

docker compose

See in the README.md where to view output if present and how to trigger the application.

If you just want to run a part of our example application or debug run:

docker compose run SERVICE bash

Replace SERVICE with the relevant service in the compose.yml

Building the example application

docker build .

What you get is an image in your docker images that is used in the usage_scenario.yml →

Measuring the example applications

To run the measurements please refer to: Measuring locally →

Containerizing and measuring own applications

Please refer to Containerizing and measureing own applications →