PSU Energy - AC - MCP (MCP39F511N)

What it does

This metric provider uses the MCP39F511N chip to read the power used by a device plugged into it. Normally this would be the device we are benchmarking.

We use the board implementation here: AMD00706

Spec highlights:

  • 0,5% Accuracy on active power measurements in a 1:4000 dynamic range (~ 3.75 mW minimum resolution)
  • 8 MHz internal processing clock (theoretical maximum of 12.5 us resolution)
  • Internal accumulation of energy in register (currently not active in our setup. We use active power only atm.)

Implementation of the source code is mostly copied from Credits to Sven Köhler and the OSM group from the HPI


All compilations and linking will be done through the install script.

After that just plug it into your USB and please use Channel 1.


  • PsuEnergyAcMcpMachineProvider

Metric Name

  • psu_energy_ac_mcp_machine

Input Parameters

  • -i: interval in milliseconds. By default the measurement interval is 100 ms.
./metric-provider-binary -i 100


This metric provider prints to stdout a continuous stream of data every interval milliseconds till it is stopped with sigkill or sigint (Ctrl-c). The format of the data is as follows:



  • TIMESTAMP: Unix timestamp, in microseconds
  • READING: The value taken from sensor in the unit supplied or mW if no unit is specified.

Any errors are printed to stderr.