The Green Metrics Tool is a holistic framework to measure the energy / CO2 of your application.

It is comprised of:

  • A Python backend that handles the infrastructure orchestration
  • C UNIX-style reporters that generate energy and resource consumption metrics
  • A Python API to retrieve metrics
  • A native javascript web frontend that visualizes the data from the API with nice charts

Getting to know the Green Metrics Tool

We recommend that you start with the Philosophy & Methodology → part to
understand the WHY of the tool and some design decisions.

After that we recommend the Measurement Process → to
get a high level overview of WHAT the tool does and HOW.

From here you can branch off in two paths:

However you choose to make the measurements, you are also able to compare them.

Install and measure locally

Refer to the installation instructions for your OS:

Then proceed with containerizing and measuring your applications → to
understand how to prepare your app to be measured by the Green Metrics Tool.

Be sure to read the usage_scenario.json → specification to
get to know the flexibility of our tool to measure your application.

Measure your own app with our online hosted service

Measuring with our hosted service →

The app you submit to our hosted service must conform
to the usage scenario specification and be containerized.

After that you can look at our Example Apps Repository to see some prepared apps that can be directly measured.

Help: FAQ / Troubleshooting