PSU Energy - AC - SDIA - Machine

What it does

It estimates the total machine energy consumption (AC Power) based on the SDIA linear model, which takes TDP, CPU-Chips and Utilization as input variables.

The formula works as follows: (CPU-Chips * TDP * Utilization) / 0.65

0.65 is the coefficient assumed to be the amount the CPU contributes to the total energy consumption of a non-GPU server.


  • PsuEnergyAcSdiaMachineProvider

Metric Name

  • psu_energy_ac_sdia_machine


The provider must be configured in the config.yml. Please see Configuration → for further info.

In the config.yml file also the CpuUtilizationProcfsSystemProvider must be activated for the PsuEnergyAcSdiaMachineProvider to work.

Input Parameters

  • args
    • Takes no arguments

The provider cannot be run directly, it only works in conjunction with a run of the Green Metrics Tool.

The provider reads the /tmp/green-metrics-tool/cpu_utilization_procfs_system.log file from the CpuUtilizationProcfsSystemProvider in order to keep overhead low and not to double query the utilization from the system.


Since this provider should not be run directly there it has no direct output.

The resulting data however is the wattage for the whole machine (AC Power) in Watts.

This value has the same granularity as the one configured in the config.yml for the CpuUtilizationProcfsSystemProvider

Any errors are printed to Stderr.