CPU % - procfs - system

What it does

This metric provider calculates an estimate of the % total CPU usage based of the system based on the /proc/stat file.


  • CpuUtilizationProcfsSystemProvider

Metric Name

  • cpu_utilization_procfs_system

Input Parameters

  • args
    • -i: interval in milliseconds

By default the measurement interval is 100 ms.

./metric-provider-binary -i 100


This metric provider prints to Stdout a continuous stream of data. The format of the data is as follows:



  • TIMESTAMP: Unix timestamp, in microseconds
  • READING: The estimated % CPU used

Any errors are printed to Stderr.

How it works

The provider reads all the entries of the first line of the /proc/stat file and uses the argument the same way htop does it. This means that CPU Utilization is calcuated as:

user_time+nice_time+system_time+irq_time+softirq_time+steal_time / wait_time,iowait_time+user_time+nice_time+system_time+irq_time+softirq_time+steal_time

io_wait and wait are counted both as idle.

Since we want the output as a ratio that can be expressed as an integer, we multiply with 10000.