PSU Energy AC - IPMI machine

What it does

This metric provider uses the IPMI protocol to get sensor data from the current power draw of the system. This can either come from a sensor that is accessible via ACPI or via other means through the libsensors.

Technical specs

Most IPMI sensors do not supply data more often than once per second. Polling them more often is advised to catch the transition of the value, but if the value is averaged internally over 1 second or if it just a single measurement depends on the BMC / ILO / iDRAC that IPMI is querying.


You will need sudo apt-get install freeipmi-tools ipmitool installed on a Debian based distro. This installation step will automatically happen if you normally install the tool with the ./ script.

The install script will also set a sudoers.d entry so that the underlying program /usr/sbin/ipmi-dcmi --get-system-power-statistics can execute without password request.

On some systems you will need to run the detect program first sudo sensors-detect which looks at all the chips in your computer and creates the config file.


  • PsuEnergyAcIpmiMachineProvider

Metric Name

  • psu_energy_ac_ipmi_machine

Input Parameters

  • -i: interval in milliseconds. By default the measurement interval is 100 ms.
> ./ -i 100


This metric provider prints to stdout a continuous stream of data every interval milliseconds till it is stopped with sigkill or sigint (Ctrl-c). The format of the data is as follows:



  • TIMESTAMP: Unix timestamp, in microseconds
  • READING: The value taken from sensors in milliWatts with two significant digits (Ex. 14000 for 14 Watts)

Any errors are printed to stderr.