The config.yml configures some global measurement settings that are used when executing the directly or through cron mode.

Here is an example configuration:


  sleep_time_no_job: 300
  sleep_time_after_job: 300

  id: 1
  description: "Development machine for testing"

  idle-time-start: 10
  idle-time-end: 5
  flow-process-runtime: 1800
  phase-transition-time: 1
    wait_time_dependencies: 20
        resolution: 100
        resolution: 100
        resolution: 100
        resolution: 100
  #      resolution: 100
        # This is a default configuration. Please change this to your system!
  #      CPUChips: 1
  #      HW_CPUFreq: 3100
  #      CPUCores: 28
  #      TDP: 150
  #      HW_MemAmountGB: 16

  # This address will get an email, when a new project was added through the frontend
  email: [email protected]
  # no_emails: True will suppress all emails. Helpful in development servers
  no_emails: True

The postgresql, smtp and cluster key were already discussed in the installation → part.

The machine key has id and description that are mandatory fields and will be registered in the DB on first run.

Here we focus on the measurement key:

  • idle-time-start [integer]: Seconds to idle containers after orchestrating but before start of measurement
  • idle-time-end [integer]: Seconds to idle containers after measurement
  • flow-process-runtime [integer]: Max. duration in seconds for how long one flow should take. Timeout-Exception is thrown if exceeded.
  • phase-transition-time [integer]: Seconds to idle between phases
  • boot:
    • wait_time_dependencies: [integer]: Max. duration in seconds to wait for dependencies (defined with depends_on) to be ready. If duration is reached and a dependency is not ready, the measurement will fail.
  • metric-providers:
    • linux/macos/common [string]: Specifies under what system the metric provider can run. Common implies it could run on either.
      • METRIC_PROVIDER_NAME [string]: Key specifies the Metric Provider. Possible Metric Providers →
      • METRIC_PROVIDER_NAME.resolution [integer]: sampling resolution in ms

Some metric providers have unique configuration params:

Also note that some providers are deactivated by default, because they either need additional configuration parameters, extra hardware or a specially configured system.

Once you have set them up you can uncomment the line. In this example for instance the line and all the lines directly below it.


The client key provides the possibility to change the waiting time of the job client:

  • sleep_time_no_job [integer]: Seconds the job client should wait before retrying to get another job
  • sleep_time_after_job [integer]: Seconds the job client should wait after a job is done


The admin key provides no configuration for the measurements themselves, but rather how the framework behaves.

  • email: The email where to error mails and debug mails to
  • no_emails: If the framework should send emails at all (including error mails).
    • If you have not SMTP configured you must set this to False