Measuring with hosted service

In order to use our hosted service your application must already be on GitHub or another hosting service for Git, be containerized → and contain a usage_scenario.yml → file.

If you do not have that, please check out the relevant links given.

Trying out the hosted service with an example application

Our hosted service is available at
and you can request a measurement of your application.

You can supply the GitHub link to our provided easy example application and wait for
an email to arrive to view a report.

This example highlights that in order to measure an application you really need to only have a repository with a usage_scenario.yml → file.

Measuring your applications

The hosted service can be really helpful when you want to measure your application against a reference machine and see if the values you are getting are in the same order of magnitude.

The hosted service is free to use and makes your measurement data visible and reproducible for other people.

Benefits of hosted service

  • No need to setup local linux environment
  • Reproducible measurements from machines maintained by our team
  • DC / AC Metrics Providers are calibrated on our machines
  • Visibility of measurements on central platform
  • Applied best practices → for measurement configuration